Move to Change Your Mood

Nothing to do? Get active to motivate your mood.

Grades K-5

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Move, Recharge, Mood

fitFlow Cards

Each yoga flow card provides four poses and a corresponding description on how to do each pose. Use one card for a quick break or use some together to customize longer flows!

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Food, Mood, Move, Recharge

fitGames-Teacher's Guide

This guide includes information  about best practices for grouping children for activities and a fitGames learner assessment rubric.

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Mood, Move, Recharge

How To Make a Brain Break Spinner

Put your DIY skills to use! This video shows you how to make a brain break spinner your kiddos will L-O-V-E.  Pair it with our fitBoost to get your students up and moving.

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Mood, Move

I Can Move Myself

The lyrics of this sweet song inspire kids to "get up and move around and around and around and around."

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Move, Mood, Recharge

I Need My Energy

This peppy song teaches kids how to get energy and why it is so important to recharge. Students especially love the speed up and slow down verses at the end of the song.

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Food, Mood, Move

Should I Eat This? Or Should I Eat That?

This perky song helps kids consider their options when making healthy food choices.

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