Kids today are busy. Their days are often filled with school, spending time with friends, sports practice, after school activities, and homework. At the end of the day, their bodies and brains need a break! Check out our favorite books to teach kids the importance of sleep and healthy bedtime routines and help your child wind down when it’s time to go to sleep. 

1. Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site! 
This engaging and rhythmic story discusses how, just like us, even the roughest and toughest machines need to rest their wheels and sleep each night.

2. Mindful Moments at Bedtime 
This book provides readers with many ways they can wind down, reflect on their day, and look forward to tomorrow. More than just a peaceful bedtime book, this story provides a great opportunity for parents to listen and intentionally communicate with children.

3. Orion and the Dark
Is your little one afraid of the dark? This story is for you! Orion is scared of many things, but especially the dark. One night, the Dark appears as a friendly character and helps him to feel comfortable at bedtime.

4. I See the Animals Sleeping: A Bedtime Story
From the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, this story educates kids on the importance of sleep for both themselves, as well as their favorite animals. Packed with rhymes and bright illustrations, kids will also discover fascinating sleep habits of animals.

5. Good Night Yoga: A Pose-by-Pose Bedtime Story
Follow along as the world around us closes down for the night. Children will learn how to relax their body and mind while preparing for bedtime, one yoga pose at a time. 

6. Goodnight, Mr. Spy
Each night, Alex goes to great lengths to avoid bedtime. He tells his Mom, “Sleep is so boring and there’s nothing fun to do!” However, Alex quickly learns just how crucial sleep is to fueling his playtime. 

7.I Am Peace: A Book of Mindfulness 
Introduce kids to the practice of mindfulness at bedtime with this wonderful picture book. Kids will discover ways they can pause to be present and feel calm. 

8. The Big Book of Super Hero Bedtime Stories
Even Super Heroes need a good night’s sleep!  Discover how some of your child’s favorite heroes prepare for bedtime.

9. I Don’t Want to Sleep 
Michael does not want to sleep. His parents read him books and sing soothing songs at bedtime, but he simply shrugs and says “I’m not tired at all.” Through fun, rhyming text kids will discover why sleep is so important. 

10. Tomorrow I’ll Be Brave 
This beautifully illustrated book gives kids an opportunity to reflect on their day and understand that tomorrow is a new beginning. 

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