How do I teach kids to eat healthy? How do I talk to kids about food? How can I encourage my child to try new foods? These questions are common to ask but can be overwhelming and tricky to navigate. Sanford fit’s Food pillar aims to help kids reduce sugar consumption and increase fruit and vegetable consumption. The program resources can simplify these pediatric nutrition questions for caregivers, educators, and community members by focusing on these areas: 

By focusing on these 3 areas, Sanford fit helps you ensure your children receive proper nutrition which is critical for their growth and development. With our free resources, we provide expert advice and guidance on pediatric nutrition to help you make informed decisions and teach children how to make healthy choices. Plus, fit makes learning about food fun! With free, gamified resources like printable activity sheets, videos, games, and more, fit captivates kid's attention and fosters a healthy relationship with food. Let’s get started and explore a few of the most popular Food resources!

  1. 10 Easy, Quick, and Nutritious Breakfast Ideas for Kids: It’s true! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Learn expert advice on how to fuel kids’ bodies and brains for the day ahead with these 10 simple and nutritious breakfast ideas. 
  2. Snack ABCs Printable: Teach kids there are more green-light foods than they might realize! With this poster and printable activity, you can decorate a space and get kids excited to think of nutritious snacks and drinks for every letter of the alphabet.
  3. Unit 3 - Food is a Kid's Fuel: Teaching kids that food is fuel can be a process. With this free unit with 5 lessons, you can use slideshows, printable activities, videos, games, and songs to teach kids the importance of nutritious food choices for the body and brain.  
  4. What Fruits and Vegetables Do for Your Body: Did you know that different fruits and vegetables have a variety of vitamins and nutrients for the body? Watch this video with kids to learn all the different benefits of eating fruits and veggies! 
  5. Poster Packs - Hydration, Portion Sizes, Smart Snacking, Reading Nutrition Labels: There are many ways to make nutritious choices and it can be overwhelming. But with these poster packs, you can break down each topic and empower kids with the knowledge to make healthy choices.  

The next time you’re wondering how to teach kids nutritious choices, reach for one of these resources! Incorporating fun, catchy activities and lessons like these can be an easy way to empower kids to make healthy choices. No matter what, always remember to start small and know that learning to make nutritious food choices is a journey. 

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