fit steps up to bat with baseball! The National Youth Sports Health and Safety Institute (NYSHSI) and Sanford fit have joined together to promote the importance of making healthy choices as well as proper body mechanics for young athletes. Follow along with our fitSports video series for coaches and parents which provide wellness tips and interactive drills for skill development and motivation!

Life, as well as your plate, is all about balance. A healthy portion of food is the right amount for your body. We know that different foods help fuel the body, but it’s also important to know how much food your body needs. A quick trick to help you determine what a good portion size is for you or your family’s bodies is to use your hands. For example, a serving of pasta and rice should be the size of your fist, peanut butter and cheese- the size of your thumb, meat- the size of your palm, veggies and nuts should fit in your hand. Everyone’s portions may look different, and that’s ok! 

Check out these tips you can practice at home to keep portions under control.

Avoid eating out of bags or containers, instead serve individual portions.
Aim for three scheduled meals and one or two healthy snacks throughout the day. Skipping a meal can cause anyone to over-indulge at the next one.
Encourage family sit-down meals. Make the most of your time together by not rushing through meals and engaging in meaningful conversation. 
Disperse meals at your kitchen counter and avoid bringing the entire pot to the table. Not keeping food at arms’ length can avoid over-eating.
Steer clear of oversized plates. An appropriate portion may appear lost and insignificant on a large dinner plate. 
Get kids involved! Read nutrition labels together and discuss both serving size and ingredients.

Practice healthy meal planning with our MyPlate Meal printable. Then, learn more about hunger with the video: What Makes You Want to Eat?
In this edition of the Sanford fitSports video, we’ll see how balanced meals, proper mechanics, and body movements are influential when throwing the baseball. Think fit, be fit!

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