Have you heard of a cozy spot? They go by many names, maybe you’ve heard of a cozy corner or a safe space? Typically these spaces are created for kids but grown-ups need something, too. A cozy spot is any space you can create that will help you relax and become centered. But isn’t that just for kids? Not at all! We all need some time away from others to release emotions in a safe and controlled way.

Creating and utilizing a space to improve your emotional health and allow you to relax is an amazing form of self-care. Cozy spots are also a great way to give yourself an area to reflect when you’re feeling overwhelmed or “off” from your usual emotions.

 So how do you make one? Let’s get started.

  1. Pick your space. If you can make a whole room for yourself, go for it! Otherwise, some space-conscious options could include a shelf, a corner of your room or office, or maybe a low-traffic communal space in your home. The important part is to pick a space that you know you’ll use and has few distractions.
  2. Find a few of your favorite things. Building a space full of your favorite things is the best way to ensure that you use it. Fill your space with your favorite books, candles that you might like, headphones to listen to your favorite music, plush blankets, or anything that is particularly relaxing for you.
  3. Fill it with tools to help you relax. Whether you’re into yoga, knitting, painting, or writing, make sure you have whatever you might need to enjoy some time doing that. We recommend including a journal, a fidget spinner, a yoga mat, or a stress ball. Remember, rest is a right that you have, and it doesn’t need to be earned.
  4. Dedicate some time to your space. Making time in your schedule to use your space regularly will help you build the habit of using it when you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed.
  5. Keep your space realistic. We can’t all get away to take a moment to ourselves, so if you can’t get away to practice your self-care, use your space as a place to practice role modeling.

And don’t forget! Utilizing a space like this for yourself is an awesome way to role model healthy ways to prioritize and nurture your own emotional health for your kiddos.

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