Inspire your kids to try new foods, at school or at home, with our printable poster. With so many snacks to choose from, which one will you try first?

Personalize your snacks and spell your name. Find all the letters of your name or a family member’s name and match them to the snack that sounds most delicious! Pick one letter of your name for each day and enjoy a week of snacks that spell your name out.

What day is today? Pick a snack that coordinates with the first letter of the weekday! If it’s Wednesday, pick a snack from the “W” section to enjoy. With all the different options, maybe you’ll find a new favorite food!

Do a grocery store challenge. Challenge your family to see how many foods you can find in the store that are on your list. Go through the whole list or choose certain foods from the list and whoever finds the most can have extra play time when they get home!

Choose a letter based on the date. If it’s the 16th, choose the 16th letter of the alphabet – the letter P! Each kid gets assigned a number and on that day, they get to choose a snack that coordinates with their number. When you reach the 26th day, start over with snack number one and finish out your month!

Make a project of your snack. If your kids’ snack is new to them, challenge them to learn one or two facts about it to present to the class or your family before you all try it together. Knowing more about a new or unfamiliar food is an easy way to make it more comfortable for your kids.

When is your birthday? Choose a snack that starts with the same letter as your birth month, or spell out your birth month, and enjoy! If your birth month is longer, use the spelling to plan the week’s snacks and make the birthday inspiration last all week.

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