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My Energy: A Printable Check-In for Kids

Track your energy level throughout the day and plan your healthy choices with this printable.

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Preparing Your Child For Their Doctor Visit: A Printable Activity Kit (Español)

¡Ir al médico puede ser intimidante! Con este divertido folleto de actividades, los niños y los cuidadores pueden aprender a través del juego y sentirse preparados para su próxima visita.

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Mood, Food, Move, Recharge

My Choices Pritnable

Grades 3-5

Kids think about healthy choices they can make to recharge their energy and motivate their mood.

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Food, Mood, Move, Recharge

fitGames Teacher's Guide

Grades K-5

This guide includes information  about best practices for grouping children for activities and a fitGames learner assessment rubric.

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Recharge, Move, Mood

Grow Your Flow: Simple Yoga Poses for Kids

Beginners can use these dual-language cards to practice single yoga poses, move their body, and ease their mind!

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Food, Mood, Move, Recharge

fit Choices

Kids show choices about recharging their bodies, managing their mood, making healthy food choices, and doing more physical activity.

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Take a Break: Screen-Free Activity Basket

Create a basket full of screen-free activities kids can choose from to recharge!

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