fit tackles football! The National Youth Sports Health and Safety Institute (NYSHSI) and Sanford fit have joined together to promote the importance of making healthy choices as well as proper body mechanics for young athletes. Follow along with our fitSports video series for coaches and parents which will provide wellness tips and interactive drills for skill development and motivation!

A role model is a person who serves as an example by influencing others. As parents and coaches, you serve as a primary role model for your young athletes. Children not only look up to you, but often emulate your actions. It’s important to set a good example of sportsmanship and create a positive environment where kids can learn and grow.

According to NYSHSI, “As children are the central participants in youth sports and have candidly reported on why they play their sport, it is important to align the goals of the team, coach and parents with those of the children. Most important at the youth level are the following goals:

How can you be a supportive and positive parent or coach?  Here are some tips:

In this edition of the Sanford fitSports video, we’ll see how positive motivation, proper mechanics, and body movements are influential when running the football. Think fit. Be fit!
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