Yoga is designed to bring mental, physical, and emotional health and balance through body and mind awareness. Poses, performed slowly and carefully, focus on posture and breathing.

We created the fitFlow activity to make practicing yoga easy, and created free printable sets of flow cards that you can take with you on the go! Yoga embraces the fact that each kid's body is unique and challenges them to focus inwardly instead of comparing themselves to others around them.

Try fitFlow online now. Find a space around you that puts you at ease and gives everyone enough space to practice comfortably. Pull up your fitFlow Activity on any device, and press “Let’s Flow!” You’ll automatically see a randomized set of four yoga poses with instructions for proper technique, also known as a flow, which you can practice at your own pace or with a timer.

Why is yoga important? Yoga encourages mindfulness and helps kids strengthen their physical and mental abilities. Practicing yoga provides physical benefits such as increased muscular strength and endurance, improved sleep quality, and more. Mental benefits of practicing yoga include lowered stress and increased focus and concentration.

Next time you and your family need a break, try a yoga flow! Whether you choose the digital version or to pick your positions with the cards, show up for yourself and give it your best effort. You’ll be amazed at how awesome you feel when you do. To learn more about practicing yoga, check out our video Yoga for Kids.

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