Teachers wear many hats, including caregiver, role model, and advocate. The work you engage in is personal and requires passion, commitment, and hours that often stretch into nights and weekends. You know the importance of self-care, but how do you make time for yourself when simply finding time to use the restroom during the school day is a challenge? Valid question. However, self-care is not selfish, or a fun perk, it is crucial to your overall well-being. Start small and practice some of these helpful tips to recharge your body and brain.

Schedule Time Alone.
Teaching can become socially draining. Plan at least 10-20 minutes a day where you can take a break and enjoy some alone time. Take a walk around the school building over lunch hour, fill your water bottle throughout the day, or sneak into choir practice and enjoy the music.  

Keep a Journal.
Log your experiences, both good and bad. Write to process and work through emotions on the challenging days. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, look up previous positive experiences to bring a smile to your face.

Create a Circle of Social Support.

Connect with loved ones regularly. Try going to dinner with friends once a month or simply spending quality time with your significant other.

Set Healthy Boundaries.
Often teachers find themselves working past the school bell and well into the weekend. To maintain a healthy work-life balance, set boundaries for when you will stop working each night and the hours you’re able to work on the weekends.

Engage in Physical Activity as a Stress-Reliever.
Evidence shows that regular activity increases energy and reduces your risk for health problems. Movement can also be a fun way to release stress or frustration. Stretching is a quick, easy way to get started.

Take Time Off When Needed.
A crucial aspect of self-care is managing stress and taking a break when necessary. Educators often view teaching as much more than a job, and can struggle with stepping away. A relaxing 5 minute break or a personal day can have a profound impact on your body and brain.

Looking for ways to practice self-care with students? Recharge with a fit Workout Yoga Flow or fitGame Get Your Z’s. Then, test their knowledge with the fit Quiz: Recharge.