Life changes, and it changes quickly. It can feel overwhelming and the stress can push us to our limits. It is critical to take time for yourself and that time can actually be spent doing nothing. Yep, nothing! Taking 5 minutes to yourself, unplugging, and staying active all count as acts of self-love and self-care. Self-care is a gift you give yourself, and it comes in many different forms. Whether you face financial worries, anxiety, uncertainty, or have difficulty dealing with change, take time to explore self-care options to manage stress and nurture yourself.

Find time for physical activity.
Regular physical activity can increase your energy, relieve your body of any physical stress you’re carrying, and motivate your mood. Something as easy as a 10-minute walk or stretching can help you refocus and calm your mind. Challenge yourself to learn a new yoga pose or work on improving your flexibility.

Keep a list of your essential daily tasks.
Write down a few things that you must do every day to take care of yourself. Use that list to keep yourself on track. Did you eat breakfast? Have you had any water yet? Is your bed made? Have you moved your body? Simple tasks that you can complete daily may even help you feel motivated and more in control. Small amounts of success are connected to feelings of happiness.

Practice mindfulness.
Have your morning coffee or tea, and really pay attention to its taste. What does your glass or mug feel like in your hand? Take a few minutes to look outside and notice the sky. Step up your breathing game and focus on a few minutes of deep breathing. Pausing for a moment to practice mindfulness can set the tone for your day and help you make decisions with intention.

Unplug for a while.
Set aside some time in your daily schedule to disconnect from your technology. Start a new book. Enjoy some time with family and talk about each other’s days. Unplugging can encourage you to release any existing mental tension and recharge your mind. To learn more about the options you have to unplug, read our article Making Unplugging Easy.

Take 5 minutes to yourself.
Separating yourself from whatever you’re doing is a great way to release mental tension. Take a break to sit and reflect. Enjoy some time to be alone and do nothing but relax. Indulge in a nap if you’re able. Make a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy a moment or two for you. Giving yourself a small break, every hour or so, will keep your mind sharp and ready for whatever your day might bring. 

You cannot avoid stress, but you can help yourself manage it. Start small, and practice some of these helpful tips. Be good to yourself and make self-care part of your daily routine.