Do your family’s routines feel worn out? Continuing healthy habits and routines is crucial to raising a fit kid, and summertime is the perfect opportunity to refresh and renew habits that might’ve become mundane. Here are some of our favorite options to spice up old routines or add into the daily schedule.

Make movement a priority every day. Take a break as a family and spend some time being active. Take a walk around the block, do our fitBoost activity with your kids, or play a game in the yard. Any time you can take to be active as a family will encourage your kids to continue that habit into the rest of their lives.

Prioritize unplugging. Taking time to unplug every day is vital to having a fun and fit summer! Even 30 minutes without any sort of screen or technology in front of you can make a huge difference in your well-being. Unplugging can encourage you to release any existing tension and recharge your mind. To learn more about the options you have to unplug, read our article Making Unplugging Easy

Make meals a family project. Assign each child to a meal or snack and let them be in charge for that day. It teaches them responsibility, good relationships with food, and even cooking skills. Choices with complex carbohydrates, like whole grain crackers or fresh fruit, are great snack options or things that you can incorporate into a meal. Check out our Discover Page for fun recipes and snacks to try!

Take time to do daily reflection as a family. Enjoy some time together to talk as a family at the end of the day, completely unplugged from technology. What was something you accomplished that you are proud of? What did you learn today? Give your children a chance to have a fully focused opportunity to talk to you about whatever they want. This also provides the perfect time to plan the next day as a family.

New routines don’t have to be complicated to help your kids feel refreshed for summer. Simple things and new activities can help them create a summer that they’ll always remember.

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