Have you ever noticed how a little bit of physical activity can refresh your mind and your mood? That's where sensory paths come in! Sensory paths give your kids the opportunity to take a break when they need to reset their minds while also incorporating healthy choices in an easy and engaging way. Sensory paths also make for the perfect brain break activity! According to a 2021 study from the National Institutes of Health, researchers discovered that our brains may replay compressed memories of learning new skills when we give our minds time to rest. Using a sensory path as part of your planned break time may be a powerful tool that can help kids learn skills quickly and efficiently.

That’s why Sanford fit created the Wellness Way Sensory Path Printable pack! It has:

Not to mention that it’s one of a kind and it’s free! Why pay $40 when you don’t have to! Ready to get started with your own Wellness Way Sensory Path? With the free printable pack, the only things you need are:

These color-coded posters will take your kids through different sets of tasks to help them move their bodies, recharge their minds, think about their food and drink choices, and learn more about their moods! Each color has a different focus:

Purple is for mood!

Purple (Mood) path in Wellness Way Sensory Path

The purple (Mood) path encourages your kids to practice being mindful with techniques like breathing exercises and self-reflection. Mindfulness can provide so many benefits for kids, including improving their self-soothing and stress management skills, increasing their mental focus, and boosting their physical energy levels. This is a perfect brain break for kids that need more relaxed, gentle brain break options.

Green is for food!

Green (Food) Wellness Way Sensory Path

Food is what you eat and drink to help your body move and think! The green (Food) path encourages kids to think about what they fuel their bodies and brains with, including green-light, yellow-light, and red-light snacks like fresh fruits, granola bars, and chocolates. This is great for kids who are just learning about the basics of nutrition! And of course, the path reminds kids to drink their water, too!

Red is for move!

Red (Move) Wellness Way Sensory Path

The red (Move) path encourages kids to move their bodies in many ways, including movements like triceps stretch, jump rope, jumping jacks, high knees, arm circles, and butterfly stretch. This is perfect for kids that need to get the wiggles out. You can also use the printable posters as a brain break throughout the day. Keep them on a key ring or in a folder that you can easily grab for a quick movement break.

Blue is for recharge!

Blue (Recharge) Wellness Way Sensory Path

The blue (Recharge) path is a go-to for kids who need a minute to self-soothe or just want to take a moment to themselves with yoga poses and simple stretches. Think about how you feel when you don’t sleep well or hit that mid-afternoon slump. That’s where the blue path comes in! When kids recharge their bodies and brains without a screen, they restore the energy they need to get through their days.

You can put up your sensory path in the hallway as a movement break for your kids to use throughout the day. Put it up on your classroom wall or bulletin board so your kids can use it when they need a brain break. The options are endless!

Check out this video to see how we set our Wellness Way Sensory Path on a blank wall! This printable kit is fully customizable to fit any space or group size. Give it a look of its own with colored construction paper as a background or add it to your classroom Cozy Spot! You can laminate each page to increase your pages’ longevity and make cleaning easier, too.

Click here to get the full Wellness Way Sensory Path Printable Kit and get started with a sensory path of your own.

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