A calm down space is exactly what it sounds like, a place to calm down. You can call it a cozy corner, safe space, anything you’d like! As long as the goal remains the same- it is a calming, relaxing, welcoming, and quiet space for kids to go to when they need a break. Kids benefit from breaks in all locations so add this space anywhere children are- your home, a classroom, even an afterschool program!

Remember, this is NOT a time-out space or to be used as punishment. You do not send kids here to be isolated, it is a safe space where kids should want to go to when BIG feelings arise. This area does not need to be complex, require a lot of space, or contain expensive materials- keep it simple! Let’s break down how you can create an age-appropriate calm down space!

Infants and Toddlers

This age benefits from a protected, quiet, soft place where they can relax. Vocabulary is limited for these littles so feelings of frustration are common, encourage use of this space when these feelings arise. Early use of a calm down space will help to instill crucial coping skills these kids can use for years to come!

Preschoolers and Older

 Older kids may need quiet time at different points throughout the day. After all, a full day of playing and learning can be stressful! Don’t forget, children learn through play, so if it appears as though your child is simply playing in this space- it’s okay! As long as kids are using the materials as they are intended, they’re learning and growing.

Wondering how to appropriately encourage use of a calm down space? Try this!

In this example, you described what you saw, gave the child a choice, and an appropriate strategy to use! And if you're an educator that's looking for a classroom example of a Calm Down Space, check this out!

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