Tuck in for movie night. Holiday movies are perfect for family time! Grab your favorite healthy snack, snuggle up under some blankets, and soak up the festive feelings. Looking for healthy snack ideas? Take a look at our ABCs of Nutritious Snacks printable for some ideas. Try the festive snacks in the last idea to take your holiday movie night to the next level!

Take in a light show. Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like a festive light show. Climb into the car with the people you love, and go to your local light show. If you don’t have one near you, tune your radio to a holiday station and go search your neighborhoods for holiday light displays! It’s a great way to support your community, stay warm inside the car, and spend quality time together.

Challenge each other in family game night. Whether it’s a cookie decorating contest, a game of Food Bingo, or you’re just playing cards, game night is a great way to encourage some friendly competition. You can even enlist far away family members to judge your cookie decorating content through a social media platform or video call!

Find your inner artist. Get creative and let the energy flow through you! Make construction paper snowflakes, create read and green paper chains, color in our Positive Self-Talk Coloring pages, or finger paint a holiday tree. Put up your artwork around the house to add some festive flair.

Get festive with your food. Your food and snacks can enjoy the holiday spirit, just like you! Add googly eyes, a bell nose, and pipe cleaners to transform an applesauce cup into a reindeer. Slice up a banana, use yogurt to “glue” a strawberry on top, and put two raisins on the front for a Santa-themed snack. You can even try finding only red and green foods in your home to serve a very merry lunch!


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